Colored Timer App for iOS – the best timer app for iPhones and iPads

ColoredTimer, a visual and configurable iOS timer app for iPhone and iPad presenting time not only with numbers, but also with color!

There are so many situations where you need a good timer: Whether it’s for timing your work-outs, presentations or the time you have in games like chess or scrabbles, you want a timer that can be configured easily and that has an intuitive display.

ColoredTimer is a configurable timer that changes its background color as time passes. The colors are set on a color-wheel which is completely customizable. ColoredTimer PRO features up to ten timers that can be used at the same time using a virtually unlimited set of colors. Click on the button to get a free trial version from the AppStore.

Basic setup: how to use ColoredTimer

First chose the total time of the timer by moving the three picker controls in the center for seconds, minutes and hours, respectively. Then press the “play” button in the lower right to start the timer. As the indicator circle moves around from the 12 o’clock position the background color changes according to the color wheel. Importantly, the time that has passed is also shown digitally in the center of the color wheel. The timer can be paused at any time by pressing the “pause” button. While the timer is running or paused, it is possible to move back or forth in time by dragging the round circle with the crosshair to a different position. Once the crosshair reaches again the 12 o’clock position time is up and a sound is played. Also the center of the wheel changes from gray to black, showing the overrun time in red digits.

Configuring the color-wheel

The color wheel can be customized. The start and end colors can be set after pressing the corresponding buttons in the top. Each time position or range can be asigned a color, a picture and a sound. These are called events. Intermediate events are defined by pressing the name of the timer in the bottom center. This will open a window showing all timer “events”: Here you can also add and remove events. Events can also be added by dragging the cross hair to some position along the color wheel in standby mode (when the timer is not running).

Advanced features

Usually the space between events on the color wheel gradually interpolates between the events, but you can also just display the events with grey space in-between. Toggle between these two display modes by a double-tap anywhere on the screen. You can also configure this and other aspects of ColoredTimer by pressing the “menu button” in the lower left and selecting the ‘Settings’ panel. This includes whether the remaining or passed time is shown (also toggled by pressing the digital display in the center while the timer is running) or whether auto locking of the display should be disabled.  Finally ColoredTimer can handle multiple timers. Swipe left or right to move between timers and press the name of the current timer in the bottom to open a dialog for viewing, adding, deleting and configuring the name of a timer.

The best iOS timer app!


ColoredTimer presents time not only by digits and a moving hair cross, but also with color!

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Are you, or any of your friends, a Yogi? Try the ColoredTimer Yoga app with pre-configured timers for Yoga to time your exercises visually. It’s now available in the AppStore at!

Want to use the ColoredTimer user interface to play music? We have made a sister app ColoredPlayer to play music from your library. It’s  in the AppStore at!

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Want to combine images with sound? Our most recent app ColoredTiles allows you to set up tile collections. Each tile is made of an image and a sound. The image can be from your camera or the internet and you can add a colored frame. You either record the sound or select it from your music library. Once the tiles are defined you play them by touching them. fantastic for teaching languages or just having fun. Available in the AppStore at!

Here is what users think of ColoredTimer:
I just tried out Colored Timer. Wow – what a nice app! So cool how you configure its colors and sounds. You can even play any song from your music library when time is up … Best timer I have seen on the Appstore!
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I was looking for a universal timer app, but most are tuned for workouts and none is as flexible as Colored Timer. The great advantage is that the timer changes color according to the time that has passed. And you can define which colors it goes through. For example, I use Colored Timer to time… View Article
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I am a Yoga teacher. For some exercises I need my class to hold positions for some time. Having discovered ‘Colored Timer’ I now have the perfect way to do so: I just configured the timer as needed (usually we hold one or two minutes, so I have one timer for each). I use the… View Article
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