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iOS Apps by Sven Bergmann

Privacy Policy

General (applies to all Colored Apps):
Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy governs your use of the mobile application ColoredTracker for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 8.0 or later.
None of the Colored Apps uses any of your private information unless explicitly stated below. The Lite versions of some of the Colored Apps use Google’s Firebase framework to monitor app usage and place in-app adverts.
ColoredTracker uses Apple’s location service. All information is stored locally on your phone and is not automatically passed on to any database. Data will only leave your phone if you use the share function and give explicit consent. You decide how and with whom to share the data.
OntoMood uses Google’s Firebase database framework. Information is secured by your user ID and password, but anybody who has both can access your data. The user ID is typically an e-mail address allowing us to send you a new password if needed. We have no potentially identifying information other than this e-mail address, so you may want to use one that does not give away your name or even a fake one. De-identified data may be used for research purposes to further our understanding of emotions and moods.